Notícias - SDN and OpenDaylight


traditional networks, switches, routers and other network devices are managed individually, with the focus being on the needs of the device instead of the needs of the applications. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) abstracts that control from individual devices, giving administrators end-to-end visibility of network flows and the power to optimize traffic paths by policy. The freedom to programmatically control the way data flows through a network eases manageability, supports automation, and helps administrators more quickly deliver the customized services that are critical to today’s dynamic business environments.



We believe that open networking solutions and architectures are the future of networking, and are critical to the success of SDN. One way we’re demonstrating that belief is through our work with OpenDaylight, and our selection of OpenDaylight as the basis for the Brocade SDN Controller. OpenDaylight is a Linux Foundation Project that unites industry leaders in developing an open SDN platform in a vendor-neutral environment. The project is committed to furthering the adoption of SDN, and accelerating the innovation it inspires. As a founding, Platinum member of OpenDaylight, we’re completely committed to empowering the developer ecosystem to deliver an open source framework and platform for SDN.



OpenFlow is an industry-standard SDN protocol that facilitates communication between the forwarding plane of a network switch or router and the controller that enables network-wide flow control. It provides far greater programmatic control of the network than is possible with traditional network architectures, enabling new network applications to be developed for virtualized environments. We offer OpenFlow support across our portfolio, so you can realize the benefits of SDN throughout your data center, WAN, and campus network.


We believe that open networking solutions and architectures are the future of networking, and are critical to the success of SDN.


Our SDN products

For SDN to deliver on its full promise, it must be enabled by open networking technology. We offer scalable, SDN-enabled and SDN-ready networking platforms, including the Brocade MLX Series routerBrocade VDX switch, and Brocade ICX switch families. Our platforms support OpenFlow 1.3, which allows operators to address complex network behavior, optimize performance, and leverage a richer set of capabilities. And we pioneered a unique hybrid port that can run OpenFlow 1.3 and traditional networking flows at the same time. So you can build tomorrow’s infrastructure without disrupting today’s business.

To implement SDN using these products, we offer the Brocade SDN Controller (formerly known as Brocade Vyatta Controller). The Brocade SDN Controller is the first commercial controller built directly from OpenDaylight code, without any proprietary extensions or platform dependencies. Users can freely optimize their network infrastructure to match the needs of their workloads, and develop network applications that can be run on any OpenDaylight-based controller.

An early supporter of SDN initiatives such as OpenFlow and OpenDaylight, Brocade is helping organizations realize the promise of open SDN through tested, carrier-grade products that support collaborative development and self-service innovation.

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